FreeBSD-hubs mailing list.

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb at kryten.Atinc.COM
Wed Nov 22 12:03:00 PST 1995

FreeBSD-hubs, a new mailing list, is now available at FreeBSD-hubs at

This list provides a coordination point and discussion forum for those
individuals interested in providing one of at least 3 services to the
FreeBSD community: 

	sup server             
	ftp server
	mail exploder

This list is not the place to discuss setting up private sup, ftp, or mail
lists.  Please discuss those issues in either FreeBSD-questions or if you
are an Internet Service Provider FreeBSD-isp. Discussions are based
on the premise that you will be providing one of these services in the 
near future.  Or that you have done so in the past and wish to contribute 
your expertise to our growing number of information distribution hubs.

You can subscribe to FreeBSD-hubs by sending mail containing the line 
"subscribe FreeBSD-hubs" to majordomo at FreeBSD.ORG

NOTE:         you are NOT subscribed to FreeBSD-hubs at this time.
              this announcement has been mailed to FreeBSD-Announce.

NOTE:         if you are the maintainer of an ftp mirror site for FreeBSD
              as listed in /usr/src/release/MIRROR.SITES, i have taken the
              liberty of subscribing you to FreeBSD-hubs.

              to unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo at containing
              the line "unsubscribe FreeBSD-hubs"


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