Yet another sup server available (Australia)

David Dawes dawes at
Mon Nov 20 00:29:43 PST 1995

I've setup a sup server on for use by people in
Australia.  It has current, ports and stable (except des, etc).  The
max number of connections is currently set to 10, and the daily sup
updates begin at 3am local time (if a different time would be better,
let me know).  This machine is located in Sydney, with good connectivity
to the NSW AARNet/TIS gateway.  If the plans TIS (Telstra Internet
Service) has for upgrading interstate connectivity go ahead (like
18Mbit/s Sydney-Melbourne), it shouldn't be too bad for interstate
users before long too.

Sample supfiles can be found at:

A typical entry is:

src-base release=current hostbase=/home base=/usr prefix=/usr/src delete old use-rel-suffix

I've also increased the amount of FreeBSD stuff from that
is mirrored on  (Those multiple sets of distfiles
directories chew up a lot space.)


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