Sup server at

Kai Vorma vode at
Sat Nov 18 08:51:18 PST 1995 now mirrors freebsd-current and ports (no distfiles
collection yet) from Secure/eBones collection from is available, too. If there is need I can
also start mirroring freebsd-stable 1) and perhaps NetBSD.. Nic also

Nic is a big ftp/www-server owned by FUNET (Finnish university
network). It is an AlphaServer 3000/900 with 320MB RAM, about 50GB
RAID-5 disk and it is connected to FUNET through FDDI and
(experimental) ATM.

Collections are updated twice a day (currently at 0230 and 1430 GMT)
and current client limit is 50. All European users and especially
users from the Nordic countries are welcome.

Here is a sample entry for supping from nic:

src-usrsbin release=current hostbase=/pub/mirrors/ base=/usr prefix=/usr/src login=ftp delete old use-rel-suffix

Notice the entry "login=ftp". I didn't want to create a new pseudo
account so sup uses an existing account. You can get the complete sup
files from

You may get lots of "Updated.." when supping but it shouldn't be
harmful (other than slowing sup down a bit). It is probably caused by
some nightly administrative job that changes the ctime of directories.

If you have any problems please send email to me <vode at>.


1) Don't try to sup freebsd-stable now, because the collections do
   exist but they are empty - sup would delete your files..

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