The Handbook!

Gary Clark II gclarkii
Wed Nov 15 06:38:45 PST 1995


     After a number of false starts and hopes I have finally gotten
the printed handbook done!  

The FreeBSD Handbook and FAQ for versions 2.1 & 2.2-current
355 pages in a 2-inch 3 ring binder
$24.95 qty. 1
25% of the net profits wil be donated to FreeBSD Projec, Inc. or another
as JKH will direct.  A corrections and enhancements will be returned to
the Project.

Terms:  Prepaid or COD.  Free UPS ground shipping with prepaid order.

SGC Associates 
GB Clark II
3801 Polk Street 
Houston, Texas 77003
(713) 587-1644 (Voice mail system)


Here is what is included: 
* FreeBSD handbook
Note: My Tips & Tricks have been added to the FAQ.  I hope to roll these
      back in shortly.

Changes from sgml sources:
* Remove all number references and replace with titles and numbers.
* Correct any glaring mistakes

Gary Clark

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