Announcing the March 22nd, 1995 snapshot of FreeBSD!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Fri Mar 24 15:40:58 PST 1995

Well folks, it's snapshot time again..  A little late, but what the

This is a full FreeBSD distribution, like all previous snapshots, and
incorporates a LOT of very important enhancements to the system.

While I certainly woulnd't go so far as to say that this is 2.1
quality yet (for one thing, the installation system is still the old
2.0 stuff), it's certainly a major improvement over 2.0 both in
general reliability and feature set.  I'd recommend that anyone doing
a new system installation, or having any sorts of problems with their
old one (including weird or random system failures, sig 10's and sig
11's, etc), start with this snapshot.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: This is a SNAPSHOT, not a release.  This means that
we didn't take weeks to test it and your mileage may therefore vary.
While we clearly take every effort to ensure that snapshots are of the
highest possible quality, we don't spent weeks of testing on each one
(as we plan to do with 2.1 itself) and therefore beg your indulgence
in any (hopefully small) errors you may encounter.  If you're looking
for a fully production quality release then don't run these snapshots!
Wait for 2.1R!  Thanks!

>From the README:


Latest snapshot from March 22nd, 1995.

WHATS NEW [not a complete list]
o NIS (YP) server/client support for FreeBSD much improved.
o A number of panic bugs fixed.
o Merged VM/Buffer cache much improved - hopefully last of the bugs fixed!
o Faster wd.c driver
o Driver for Intel EtherExpress card
o Driver for Matsushita CDROM ("Sound blaster" CDROM)
o Better disk access algorithms ("clustering").
o PCI support much improved.  Interrupt sharing now works.
o Driver for Adaptec 294x much improved
o Boot -c writeback/save program (customized info saved across reboots)
o Soundcard support greatly cleaned up
o Prototype support for ISDN
o Support for the Creative Labs Video Spigot(tm) video card.
o FDDI network interface support (DEC cards).
o TCP/IP Firewall code much improved.
o GCC 2.6.3 integrated

If you want to run programs linked under 2.0, you will need the
file too (which you'll find in this directory).
Install it in /usr/lib.

Comments to:	current at
Bugs to:	bugs at 	use the "send-pr" command

To subscribe to the "current", "hackers", "questions" or any of the
other FreeBSD mailing lists, send mail to "majordomo at" and
say "help" somewhere in the text of your message.  For other general
FreeBSD information, send mail to "info at" or feed your WEB
browser the URL:

Please identify the version of this snapshot (950322-SNAP) as what
you're running when reporting problems or making comments.


					Poul-Henning	<phk at>

I'd also like to thank, in addition to Poul-Henning who put all this
together (if it fails miserably, you know who to blame :-):

	David Greenman & John Dyson for putting in an inhuman amount
	of work stress-testing the system and finding many obscure
	bugs, some of which have been with us since before 2.0R.
	Without them, this release would not be much to talk about.

	Frank Durda IV, who contributed the long-awaited Matsushita/Panasonic
	("Sound blaster") CDROM support.

	Steven Wallace, who took the greatly confusing sound driver code
	and turned it into something that actually makes some degree of
	sense in the BSD paradigm (e.g. sound configuration is now both
	a LOT easier and a LOT more understandable!).  See the new
	/sys/i386/conf/LINT file.

	Poul-Henning's wife, Rita, who somehow puts up with a husband
	who spends more time with his "mistress" than is generally
	considered appropriate.. :-)

	Everyone else who contributed in thousands of ways to the evolving
	product that we call FreeBSD.  If your name wasn't mentioned
	here then it has far more to do with my lousy memory than the value
	of your contribution!  I apologise in advance to anyone who deserved
	special recognition and didn't get it.  I'll mention you TWICE
	next time! :-)

Thank you for your attention, and we certainly hope you enjoy this
snapshot of FreeBSD!  Problems, as always, to bugs at

					for the FreeBSD Project

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