New 2.1.0-950726-SNAP available - come 'n get it!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Thu Jul 27 16:32:25 PDT 1995

Now available on freefall and	2.1.0-950726-SNAP

This supercedes the previous snap, 2.0.5-950622-SNAP.

Hopefully the next snap or two will also see the introduction of a new
upgrade-in-place procedure, assuming that I can finish writing it in
time.  I'll also offer a "retrofit kit" for 2.0.5 which will supply
the appropriate files for allowing the upgrade procedure in 2.1 to
operate with it.  This mainly involves keeping extra information
around about which files come with the release or SNAP so that the
upgrade knows what to preserve and what can be simply replaced.  This
feature is NOT in this snapshot, I'm just giving you a preview of
what's coming..

Please let me know how this snap works for you, either good or bad!



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