Freefall unavailability

Gary Palmer (FreeBSD/ARM Team) gpalmer at
Sun Feb 19 10:33:39 PST 1995


Due to a mis-configured machine which mounted freefall's filesystems
a large ammount of data & setup files have been lost from freefall.
This meant taking mail, sup and (briefly) ftp out of service. If you
have tried to use these services before the problem was identified and
the servers killed, most mail would have been returned undelivered and
sup may have deleted files incorrectly (mainly from the Attic
subdirectories for people who sup the cvs tree directly).

As a result of the extent of the damage, freefall's services may be
unreliable or completely unavailable over the next few days until we get
the mess sorted out.

I am sorry that we haven't been able to inform you sooner, but most of the
mailing lists were unavailable because needed files were missing.
I think I have now fixed most of the list problems, although there are bound
to be bogons lurking in there somewhere yet.

Hopefully Jordan will re-send his message which was lost earlier due
to the lists being down. It should be more complete and detailed than I
have been here.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Gary Palmer

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