Change is SUP targets

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Sun Aug 13 11:46:58 PDT 1995

The recent addition of the stable branch has caused the FreeBSD team
to restructure the collections of software made availible via SUP.  The
SUP targets currently used to access the src tree (both the stable
and current branchs) will be replaced with a single collection offering
two releases.  As an example:

	OLD					NEW
	---					---
bin release=current		->	src-bin	release=current
stable-bin release=current	->	src-bin release=stable

As you can see above, instead of using the built in "release" feature
of SUP, we had unnecessary collections that made SUP maintenance 
more difficult.  The new scheme will allow greater flexibility in
the future when a wider variety of releases may be made availible from 
the same sup collection.

To aid in the transition from the old collections to the new, sample
supfiles and an upgrade script have been made availible at the following

and soon, any of our many mirrors.

The files of interest are src.supfile.stable, src.supfile.current, and
Justin T. Gibbs
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