New packages available!

Satoshi Asami asami at CS.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Apr 18 03:28:50 PDT 1995

Hello, ports world!

We have a bunch of new packages compiled with the latest SNAP in

(Note:  This isn't "", our regular ftp server -- we're
 short of diskspace there right now, so they'll only be available from 
 "" for a few days.)

These packages are compiled with the new libc and thus WILL NOT RUN on
2.0R systems.  We'd like to have these tested soon so we can support
the SNAP users better.  The old packages/ directory will also be
renamed soon, with this collection becoming our "official" package

The packages are classified by categories, one subdirectory per
category.  The directory ".packages/" holds the actual packages and
the other directories contain symbolic links to it.  "all/" is a
special category that contains links to all packages.


If you do ``get <dir>.tar.gz'' using our ftp server (which allows
whole-hierarchy fetches this way) you will get these symlinks intact
and store only one copy of each package.  If you ``cd'' into a
directory and use the ``get'' or ``mget'' commands, you'll get the
file each link is pointing to.  This may be a better strategy if you
only want a small number of packages.  One clever trick for getting an
entire copy of the packages hierarchy without having the intermediate
file touch your disk is to say:

	% cd /some/location/with/lots/of/space
	% ncftp
	ncftp> get packages.tar "|tar xvpf -"

And you'll get a full packages hierarchy with all the categorization
information intact.

We'll be adding more packages to this new hierarchy as they're fixed
and compiled.  Please test them and report any problems to the
<ports at> mailing list.


Satoshi and the rest of the mighty ports team

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