Announcing 2.0-950412-SNAP!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Thu Apr 13 16:43:26 PDT 1995

[Peter:  Please see that this goes to c.u.b.f.a - thanks!]

Currently on:

And soon to be on:

As soon as I can make some room.  Mirror sites may wish to remove the
older 2.0-950210-SNAP if they still have it and allow 950412-SNAP to
supercede it (I will adjust the symlinks in it to point to the newer

This distribution should signify a new high point in the general
stability of 2.1-development, combined with many advanced features
slated for 2.1.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

>From the README:


Latest snapshot from April 12th, 1995.

WHATS NEW [not a complete list]
o Even more bugs fixed.
o Driver for Matsushita CDROM ("Sound blaster" CDROM) in second revision - it
  now supports audio commands.
o Driver for Adaptec 294x improved.
o FDDI network interface support (DEC cards) improved.
o Support for DEC 100Mbit "FAST" ethernet cards (DE 500-XA).
o /etc files revamped fairly significantly - most customization done through
  one file now, /etc/sysconfig.
o Performance improvements to networking code (connection information now
  hashed rather than being stored in a linear linked list).
o Package code improved - now supports package dependencies.
o New version of "libforms".

If you want to run programs linked under 2.0 (this includes the XFree86 3.1.1
distribution), you will need the file, which you'll find in
this directory.  Install it in /usr/lib.

The hostname still isn't being set properly in /etc/sysconfig for some
reason - you should edit this file after the initial installation and
customize it for your system.  The comments in the file should make the
fields you need/want to change pretty self-explanatory.

Comments to:	current at
Bugs to:	bugs at 	use the "send-pr" command

To subscribe to the "current", "hackers", "questions" or any of the
other FreeBSD mailing lists, send mail to "majordomo at" and
say "help" somewhere in the text of your message.  For other general
FreeBSD information, send mail to "info at" or feed your WEB
browser the URL:

Please identify the version of this snapshot (950322-SNAP) as what
you're running when reporting problems or making comments.

Thanks, as usual, to all the regular suspects and fond hopes that this
will get some of the people who've been having trouble installing
previous snapshots FreeBSD off the ground!


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