Archiving higher bandwith than 1GBit/s on FreeBSD? (USB3?)

georg at georg at
Wed Feb 6 10:14:19 UTC 2019


Well it might be vague, but money isnt the main problem - if its only a 
money problem, then we know its at least possible.
Im looking forward to use something for my Laptop and maybe for a NUC.
So PCI-E cards are out of the game... else it would be easy.

Maybe Thunderbolt 3 is a solution, I read there are devices... but I 
guesss then again there is no FreeBSD support for drivers.

Am 2019-02-05 21:59, schrieb Igor Mozolevsky:
> On Tue, 5 Feb 2019 at 20:08, Colin Faber wrote:
>> Infiniband is supported under freebsd now right? Why not purchase an 
>> old
>> DDR IB setup and use that? That'll get you 20Gbp/s bidirectional with
>> microsecond lag. You can probably pick up the hardware on the cheap 
>> from
>> fleabay or some other recycler
> I thought the original question was solely about USB3, but if it
> weren't. then 10gbe cards aren't that expensive---have a look for
> whatever is supported by cxgb(4), for example, and you don't have to
> deal with IB...
> In any case, the answer to vague questions along the lines of "I want
> something faster" is always "how much money do you have to spend on a
> solution"...

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