Is pfSense the Best Open Source Firewall/IDS/IPS in the World?

Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming tdteoenming at
Thu May 31 10:09:26 UTC 2018

Good Afternoon Everybody from Sunny Singapore!

Four months ago, somewhere around 17th January 2018, I deployed my
very first installation of pfSense firewall Community Edition version
2.4.2 on my 9-year-old home desktop computer (Intel Pentium Dual Core
E6300 @ 2.8 GHz, Intel DQ45CB Motherboard, 6 GB RAM and 1 TB SATA

More recently, on 25th April 2018, I have upgraded my home-based
pfSense network security
appliance to Community Edition version 2.4.3.

As my primary focus is on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), I have Snort installed as well.

Since 17 Jan 2018, I observed that I have been getting very few and
trivial Snort intrusion alerts. To my horror, I discovered that I did
not enable all the Snort rules for all of my network interfaces. That
was yesterday, 30th May 2018. Without wasting much time, I had swiftly
enabled all the Snort rules for every one of my network interfaces.
>From then on, I have been getting more exciting Snort intrusion

My questions are:

(1) Is pfSense, coupled with Snort, the best open source
firewall/IDS/IPS in the world?

(2) Is pfSense on par with commercial network security appliances,
including but not limited to
Cisco ASA, Cisco Sourcefire, Fortigate, SonicWall, etc?

(3) Is Snort able to detect malware and ransomware before they reach
the endpoints? Seems like Emerging Threats Pro (ET Pro) signatures at are able to. How much are you required to pay for these

(4) Where can I get quality guidance on configuring Snort in pfSense?

I have searched Amazon AWS Cloud Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Cloud
Marketplace. Only pfSense firewall is listed. I cannot find opnsense
firewall anywhere. Same goes for GNS3 network simulator.

pfSense firewall is based on FreeBSD 11.1.

Please advise.

Thank you very much.


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Time stamp: 31st May 2018 Thursday 6 PM Singapore Time GMT+8

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