Linux compat / changing compat path

Georg Bege georg at
Tue Mar 20 20:21:59 UTC 2018

Hello users,

Im not sure if this is actually the right mailing list for my question.
I was looking for something non-amd64 related - but somehow I didnt find 
that the other topics would be a better match too.

Im looking for a way to change the `default` linux compatibility 
userspace path /compat/linux to something else.
Basically right now, I've different jails (also Linux ones) where I keep 
software which is not compatible with my main system.

Also the pkg available linux-c* packages cant suit every thing I need, 
so I'd like to run programs I've installed (or compiled) from my jails.
It works if I change the above mentioned path with a symlink... however 
this is very unflexible.
What would be good is if I could change it per environment - is there a 
way? Any environment variable perhaps?
(And no LD_LIBRARY_PATH isnt cutting it in any cases)

best regards,
Georg Bege
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