Can we please finally solve Dell's racadm for FreeBSD? Advice needed

Peter G. freebsd at
Sun Apr 29 14:28:18 UTC 2018

On 29/04/2018 05:08, Jack L. wrote:
> I manage a variety of Dell servers running FreeBSD, only 610 and 1950s
> work with racadm but everything that can be done with racadm can also
> be done with ipmitool. I just use ipmitool to get around instead of
> their proprietary racadm stuff. What functionality do you need from
> racadm and maybe I can give you an ipmitool equivalent?

It seems I may missed the ipmi angle altogether assuming it was only
remote. Only now following Dan's comments I am realizing how racadm
works talking to local hardware.

You mean using this impi(4) as a local device and talking to it via
local tool allowing coms with the device? Oh, that would do nicely. I
need this for scripting mostly, e.g. monitoring what the intrusion
sensor shows.

Can you please describe your setup? What other kernel modules and 3rd
party software do you employ? Any tricks with device.hints are needed? I
have a small R220 at hand for testing, but it's lacking impi(4)
altogether. Will have to rebuild.


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