Can we please finally solve Dell's racadm for FreeBSD? Advice needed

Peter G. freebsd at
Sat Apr 28 13:39:54 UTC 2018

Dear everybody,


would somebody knowledgeable be kind enough to advice and/or help with
bringing Dell racadm client/tools to FreeBSD? What is the problem with
ipmi enumeration Dan mentioned on his commit? What is in the first place
desired is local access to local hardware via standard racadm client.
Local management is the "big kahuna" here.

There were several attempts over the years, yet everything waned away
without any solid results. Dell hardware is constantly mentioned on the
lists or in the forums, so clearly many of us use it. I myself manage
several Dell servers. The lack of local racadm for FreeBSD is daring.

On my own and out of my pocket I will offer 50 EUR in Bitcoin to anybody
who will solve the problem, i.e. provide a working racadm client which
can access and manage local hardware. Of course anybody else is welcome
to chime in. I am willing to put that in escrow with a trusted member of
the community. Please let me know what to do.

Many thanks!

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