[Bug 214923] kqueue hangs with busy loop

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Tue Nov 29 12:02:14 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from yjh0502 at gmail.com ---
I thought something goes wrong in kernel because the process is not responding
on the signal because the process is in uninterruptible state, so pkill -9
watchman cannot kill the process. I coundn't even attach gdb to the process.
There were some other symptoms like accessing file system hangs on
uninterruptible state, for example editing file with vi on same filesystem
hangs when I try to save changes. I should reboot the system to recover the

In Linux if there's any problem on block device, then there are some logs and
traces on dmesg. I couldn't find any logs on dmesg, do I thought that it's not
block devices' fault.

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