[Bug 214630] netstat displays spurious count for connections in LAST_ACK state inside jail with VIMAGE kernel

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Wed Nov 23 17:03:13 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Palle Girgensohn <girgen at FreeBSD.org> ---
I'm investigating strange sporadical short outages to the network i jails, for
a minute or less. They are related to 

kernel: sonewconn: pcb 0xfffff80bfa0263a0: Listen queue overflow: 767 already
in queue awaiting acceptance (365 occurrences)

Maybe they are not related at all, but I do see this kind of reports:

TCP connection count by state:
        0 connections in CLOSED state
        11 connections in LISTEN state
        0 connections in SYN_SENT state
        3 connections in SYN_RCVD state
        136 connections in ESTABLISHED state
        4 connections in CLOSE_WAIT state
        8 connections in FIN_WAIT_1 state
        7 connections in CLOSING state
        18446744073709551578 connections in LAST_ACK state
        671 connections in FIN_WAIT_2 state
        846 connections in TIME_WAIT state

the large number is obviously < 0 so something is sending double packets.

We use VIMAGE with netgraph interfaces (not epair).

As I said, maybe it is not related to the sonewconn problem, I don't know
enough about the internals, but we do see the same strange reports from

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