[Bug 214266] [rtwn] Lenovo T430, unable to connect - reason=CONN_FAILED loop

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Sun Nov 6 15:52:01 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Stefan Hagen <freebsd-bugzilla at textmail.me> ---
Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately both didn't work.

I tripped out the failover configuration and got the wifi to connect by only
leaving this in rc.conf:
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA SYNCDHCP"

This works!

Once I add the ether command, the device can not connect anymore and I see the
same error loop I posted initially.

Did not work:
create_args_wlan0="wlanaddr 00:21:cc:d3:e7:1b"

Also did not work:
ifconfig_wlan0="WPA ether 00:21:cc:d3:e7:1b" 

Can you reproduce this?

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