[Bug 208001] After turning off the jail does not remove network routes

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Sun May 29 00:30:46 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Jamie Gritton <jamie at FreeBSD.org> ---
Yes, of course there are cases where something besides a /32 is appropriate -
that is why jail(8) allows that.  However, as I mentioned it did appear that
you had violated the specification that an alias should be on a non-conflicting

The fact remains that I am unable to reproduce your problem.  Perhaps I could
if I had your entire configuration - all jails, all other network setup.

jail(8) simply calls ifconfig(8) with "alias" to add IP addresses, and with
"-alias" to remove them - see the output of "jail -vc" and "jail -vr".  The
jail will not be removed if the "ifconfig ... -alias" command fails, which
implies that the command is succeeding.  Unless of course there actually is a
bug in the way jail(8) is running this program.  My guess is the command is
succeeding, but isn't removing some arp entry because the alias when
incorrectly specified when it was created.

If it's clear (from "jail -v") that the correct ifconfig commands are being
run, then this might be considered an ifconfig bug.  If the correct commands
aren't being run, then it could be a jail bug.

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