[Bug 209473] There is no /dev/psm0 device for my synaptics touchpad when I load FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE

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Wed May 25 01:05:44 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Oleg <oleglelchuk at gmail.com> ---
Because at first I didn't know how to fix compiler errors in the asl file that
was decompiled from the original aml file, I loaded a distro of linux and after
dumping the DSDT tables again, noticed that errors were easier to fix this
time. I fixed the errors, then applied the changes that were described in the
previous post, and used the resulting aml file to override the memory tables on
FreeBSD 11 and 10.x. However, then I decided to struggle with fixing the errors
that I got after compiling the original asl file on FreeBSD. I eventually fixed
them, but the changes that I described in the previous post didn't make
/dev/psm0 come to life this time. So, I applied the code from this site
and this time /dev/psm0 came to life. I have no idea why the asl file that I
got on Linux was different from the one that I got on FreeBSD. Both OSes used
the same version of iasl to decompile the aml file.

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