[Bug 209327] Under XenServer 6.5 - Live Migration results in a Kernel Panic when the VM 'Lands' on the other Node

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Tue May 10 09:01:43 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from kpielorz at tdx.co.uk ---

In your test - did you use shared storage?

Having looked at this yesterday, and this morning - I tried setting up a
completely separate pool - and found:

  - Live migration with local storage in XenCenter Works.

  - Live migration with shared (iSCSI) storage panics.

  - Live migration from shared (iSCSI) to local storage panics.

  - Live migration from local storage to shared (iSCSI) panics.

All of the above complete fine with FreeBSD 10.2. I've also tested this on both
our production XenServer 6.5 / HP Proliant Gen8 pool - and test 6.5 / Proliant
Gen9 pool - with the same results.

I don't know if your test used shared, or local storage.


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