[Bug 209147] freebsd-update not working in 10.3-RELEASE

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Thu May 5 01:27:00 UTC 2016


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--- Comment #6 from Adam Weinberger <adamw at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Masachika ISHIZUKA from comment #5)

Jason, Masachika is correct. The update servers are serving p2 for i386, but
have been stuck at p0 ever since 10.3-RELEASE.

You can verify this with

    for arch in i386 amd64; do \
    URLBASE="http://update.freebsd.org/10.3-RELEASE/$arch"; \
    fetch -qo- $URLBASE/latest.ssl \
        | openssl rsautl -pubin -inkey \
            =( fetch -qo- $URLBASE/pub.ssl ) -verify; \



So, for whatever reason, the i386 updates are being built and published, but
the amd64 updates haven't been yet.

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