[Bug 208267] if_sfxge unstable causes panic at ifconfig sfxge0 up

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Mon May 2 16:44:06 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from nonesuch at longcount.org ---
Confirmed to be working no issues noted. 

sfxge0: Using MSI-X interrupts
sfxge0: Ethernet address: 00:0f:53:35:fa:90
sfxge0: Solarflare Flareon Ultra 7000 Series 10G Adapter
sfxge1: <Solarflare SFC9100 family> port 0x8000-0x80ff mem
0xc9000000-0xc97fffff,0xca000000-0xca003fff irq 68 at device 0.1 on pci131
sfxge1: Using MSI-X interrupts
sfxge1: Ethernet address: 00:0f:53:35:fa:91
sfxge1: Solarflare Flareon Ultra 7000 Series 10G Adapter
sfxge0: link state changed to UP
sfxge0: promiscuous mode enabled
sfxge0: promiscuous mode disabled

dev.sfxge.1.vpd.SN: 7501013053711520471XXXXX
dev.sfxge.1.vpd.EC: PCBR3:CCSA1
dev.sfxge.1.vpd.PN: SFN7x22F
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_netdown_drops: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_put_overflow: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_get_non_tcp_overflow: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_get_overflow: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_drops: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tx_collapses: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tso_pdrop_no_rsrc: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tso_pdrop_too_many: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tso_long_headers: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tso_packets: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.stats.tso_bursts: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.dpl.put_hiwat: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.dpl.get_hiwat: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.dpl.get_non_tcp_count: 0
dev.sfxge.1.txq.33.dpl.get_count: 0

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