[Bug 207831] r293311 breaks OpenVPN routing using pf

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Does the route for the VPN network has Netif lo0 instead of tun0 on your box?

reverting r293159 changes in rtsock.c fixed it for me.

I posted to freebsd-net last month

rib_lookup_info doesn't return info->rti_info[RTAX_GATEWAY] because the found
interface route has a gateway but no RTF_GATEWAY in rt_flags.
The check then fails to clear RTF_GATEWAY ss.ss_family is 0 not AF_LINK.

With info.rti_flags still containing RTF_GATEWAY instead of RTF_GWFLAG_COMPAT,
rtrequest1_fib -> rt_getifa_fib -> ifa_ifwithroute then returns lo0.

Before the change the check was for rt_gateway->sa_family without caring if
RTF_GATEWAY is set or not.

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