[Bug 207537] wireless does not associate properly - AR9565

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Sun Mar 6 23:39:52 UTC 2016


--- Comment #13 from Neil Tremble <ntremble at gmail.com> ---

To prove the point as you requested I installed the 11.0-CURRENT snapshot I had
been using previously and the Wi-Fi worked just fine as expected.

I then pulled the latest -HEAD source from the repo and did
 make buildworld
 make buildkernel
 make installkernel
 make delete-old
 make delete-old-libs

and after a power cycle the Wi-fi is still working. So when 11.0 hits release
I'll be rather surprised if my Wi-Fi does not work.

My main concern was that 10.3 is about to go release and this issue is still
present as of BETA3.

I'll leave the machine tracking HEAD now as I need the Wi-Fi to work on that

For what it is worth I installed 10.1-RELEASE 32 bit on an old Thinkpad with
AR9212 Wi-Fi and found that to work out of the box. It seems to be an issue
with the AR/QCA9565 specifically, or at least post 9212.

Anyway, thanks for all the work you are doing. It is appreciated, even if
sometimes it doesn't seem like it ;-)


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