[Bug 207445] net80211 Atheros AR938x: non-working WiFi hostap since ~ January

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Sun Mar 6 12:08:25 UTC 2016


--- Comment #15 from ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de ---
@Adrian Chadd: My Laptop is a customised CURRENT (custimised kernel), but it is
a simple "client" to the server providing WiFi access via hostapd and the
mentions Atheros-based WiFi boadr (PCIe card, three antennas). I think the
setup of the laptop is irrelevant, since I have the strange behaviour also with
other, older laptops I used around here and, as an extra, a smartphone
(Motorola Moto G) which WiFi also reject to work.

The association to the AP is on all devices successful: they obtain an IP from
the isc-dhcpd residing on the AP-hosting server. But then no traffic is
possible anymore. I disabled the ipwf on all sides if possible. It is even not
possible to ping the address of the AP from any station.

This is the AP's kernel config portion for WLAN:


# Wireless NIC cards
device          wlan            # 802.11 support
options         IEEE80211_DEBUG # enable debug msgs
options         IEEE80211_AMPDU_AGE # age frames in AMPDU reorder q's
options         IEEE80211_SUPPORT_MESH  # enable 802.11s draft support
device          wlan_wep        # 802.11 WEP support
device          wlan_ccmp       # 802.11 CCMP support
device          wlan_tkip       # 802.11 TKIP support
device          wlan_amrr       # AMRR transmit rate control algorithm
device          wlan_xauth      # AMRR transmit rate control algorithm
device          ath             # Atheros NICs
device          ath_pci         # Atheros pci/cardbus glue
device          ath_hal         # pci/cardbus chip support
#device         ath_acl         # MAC access list support (can not be built
into kernel!)
options         AH_SUPPORT_AR5416       # enable AR5416 tx/rx descriptors
options         AH_AR5416_INTERRUPT_MITIGATION  # AR5416 interrupt mitigation
options         ATH_ENABLE_11N  # Enable 802.11n support for AR5416 and later
device          ath_rate_sample # SampleRate tx rate control for ath

802.11n seems not to work on FreeBSD, although the used WiFi AP card support
ist as well as the Intel WiFi chipset 7260 (if_iwm).

I compiled /usr/src/tools/tools/ath and installed as requested.

Put the AP's WiFi into debug mode via:

 [~] wlandebug -i wlan0 auth+assoc+state
net.wlan.0.debug: 0xc80000<assoc,auth,state>
[~] killall -HUP hostapd
 [~] athstats 1
   input   output altrate   short    long xretry crcerr crypt  phyerr rssi 
athstats: ath_driver_req_fetch_stats: ioctl: Device not configured

Something is missing.

How can I deinstall /usr/src/tools/tools/ath? A make deinstall doesn't work.

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