[Bug 207726] Headphone doesn't work after logging in Debian and then log back into FreeBSD

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Sat Mar 5 20:29:29 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from khabatxl at gmail.com ---
i'm new to FreeBSD and think i'm the first one having this problem:
i have dual-booted Debian and FreeBSD using Grub2. Headphones worked well at
the beginning, but after i logged in Debian and then logged back into FreeBSD,
headphone stopped working while my laptop's internal speaker worked well
(without headphone). After rebooting several times and then logging back into
FreeBSD, headphone started working again, and then it stopped working agian
after rebooting the system. i didn't modify anything related to the snd_hda.  i
have also looked at the dmesg after pindumping. it seems nothing wrong with
can somebody help me?

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