[Bug 207208] ping has a problem with fragmented replies

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Thu Mar 3 08:33:23 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Jasper Siepkes <jasper at siepkes.nl> ---
Hi Maxim,

Sorry for the late reply; I was out with a bad case of the flu for a while so I
have a bit of a backlog.

I did some tests but I haven't been able to reproduce any of my findings in a
more controlled (VM) setup. On top of that it also turned out our ISP had a
core router with a broken NIC so that also added some noise.

So I think it must be a network (NAT) issue like you suggested. So we can close
this PR and i'll keep an eye on problems like these and can always reopen if I
suspect something is non-NAT weirdness ;-).

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