[Bug 210408] Problem with outgoing traffic using ipfw and kernel nat originated from local address

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--- Comment #1 from smithi at nimnet.asn.au ---
>From ipfw(8), second last paragraph:

"    Due to the architecture of libalias(3), ipfw nat is not compatible with
     the TCP segmentation offloading (TSO).  Thus, to reliably nat your net-
     work traffic, please disable TSO on your NICs using ifconfig(8)."

I don't know about RXCSUM & TXCSUM in this context, but NAT is only for
IPv4 - make sure your NAT rules only apply to ipv4 packets specifically -
 and you certainly need to turn TSO4 off when using either kernel NAT
 or natd(8), both of which use libalias(3).

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