[Bug 205690] [psm] [patch]: support for Elantech trackpads

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Thu Jun 16 22:26:58 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Vladimir Kondratyev <wulf at cicgroup.ru> ---
Hi, all

Here is up to date version of patch from my private repository. It is
simplified version of previous patch as I changed direction of development and
now use evdev interface for direct reporting of absolute fingers position to
libinput or xf86-synaptics driver (evdev part is not included here). So for
most people this patch will not make life better as compared with previous
version :-(

Most notable changes are:
1. Dirty "Multitouch" hack has been removed. For now only first finger position
is accounted for 2 finger scroll
2. (Unested) Ver 2. Hardware initialization sequence changed to match OpenBSD
not Linux (linux guys did not commit that part for unknown reason)
3. HW Ver 3 2finger touch is processed as single 12-byte packet not as 2
6-bytes packets. (Libinput wants this)
4. diff size has been reduced
5. Something else that I cant remember.

Not all of these changes  has been tested due to lack of hardware so
regressions are possible.

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