[Bug 207446] Hang bringing up vtnet(4) on >8 cpu GCE VMs

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Fri Jun 10 15:01:48 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Andy Carrel <wac at google.com> ---
I definitely prefer the requested vs. max terminology in your patch.

Ultimately we just need to make sure that the initialization here...

>  891         if (sc->vtnet_flags & VTNET_FLAG_CTRL_VQ) {
>  892                 VQ_ALLOC_INFO_INIT(&info[idx], 0, NULL, NULL,
>  893                     &sc->vtnet_ctrl_vq, "%s ctrl", device_get_nameunit(dev));
>  894         }

...is using idx that is equal to the max_vq_pairs number provided by the host,
rather than a number that is limited by factors we take into account in the

I'll try to build and test this weekend.

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