[Bug 205690] [psm] [patch]: support for Elantech trackpads

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Sun Jul 31 15:43:23 UTC 2016


--- Comment #34 from Juan Ramón Molina Menor <info at juanmolina.eu> ---
(In reply to Vladimir Kondratyev from comment #30)
>> Gest 1: Cursor jumps on p. 5. Scroll stops in p. 6. and cursor resumes moving.
>New version should eliminate cursor jump

Yes it does.

>>  Continued capabilities:
>>   capClickPad: 1
>Is it synaptics clickpad?
>If so, could you check proper softbuttons sizing? Pressing on to lower-right
>part of synaptics clickpad should produce middle or right mouse button events 
>rather than left button event. Zones are tuned via 
>hw.psm.synaptics.softbutton3_x, hw.psm.synaptics.softbutton2_x and 
>hw.psm.synaptics.softbuttons_y sysctls and their default values was taken to 
>match HP pavillion clickpad drawing. I wonder, if these values match your 
>touchpad geometry?

Thanks for pointing this, I didn’t know. Softbuttons are also working, but
require fine-tuning their position with the sysctl values. They also require an
actual click, tapping would not trigger them. All considered, I still prefer
double and triple tapping.

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