[Bug 205690] [psm] [patch]: support for Elantech trackpads

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Fri Jul 15 11:22:18 UTC 2016


--- Comment #27 from Vladimir Kondratyev <wulf at cicgroup.ru> ---
(In reply to Juan Ramón Molina Menor from comment #26)
> Elantech touchpad hardware v.3 firmware v.0x350f00

HW version 3 can be considered as basicaly working. Thanks

>   SemiMT:   1

Here is harmless bug in driver. HWv3 is multitouch TP not semi-multitouch. I
will fix that

Could you do following gestures and post results here:

Gest 1.
1. Put first finger on e.g. left bottom corner of TP
2. Do a short move so cursor moves too
3. Put second finger on opposite corner
4. Move both fingers to trigger 2finger scroll
5. Release first (left) finger but leave second on TP
6. Move second finger across TP

Gest 2.
1 - 4 is the same
5. Release second (right) finger but leave first on TP
6. Move first finger across TP

Does cursor jump on p.5?
What is happening on p.6? Cursor moving or scrolling?

Could you post synaptics "dmesg" and "sysctl hw.psm." output here too?

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