[Bug 207464] Panic when destroying ZFS snapshot on boot filesystem

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--- Comment #2 from dustinwenz at ebureau.com ---
Turns out this is quite easy to reproduce. In the following example, the system
is booted from a filesystem called "zroot". Running the following three shell
commands twice in succession consistently causes a panic, even on
10.3-PRERELEASE r295115M:

zfs snapshot zroot at panic
ls -d /.zfs/snapshot/panic
zfs destroy zroot at panic

The "ls -d" operation on the .zfs snapshot is required to cause the panic. It
also seems important to do this on a freshly booted system; if many successful
snapshot/destroy operations are done, the machine stops being susceptible to
the panic.

The issue is not particularly timing-sensitive. I can still reproduce even when
waiting 5 seconds between operations.

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