[Bug 207269] boot1.efi loading wrong system

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Ok see below:

Z87 controller

SATA6G_1 sda WD Blue 1
SATA6G_2 sdb OCZ Vector
SATA6G_3 sdc Samsung EVO
SATA6G_4 sdd WD Velociraptor 1
SATA6G_5 sde Toshiba 1

1st ASM1061 controller

SATA6G_E1 sdh Toshiba 2
SATA6G_E2 sdg WD Blue 2

2nd ASM1061 controller

SATA6G_E3 sdf WD Velociraptor 2
SATA6G_E4 sdi WD Blue 3

WD Blue, 1000 GB

sda1    EFI system partition, fat32
sda2    gentoo-alt,     btrfs
sda3    transfer, ntfs
sda4    bsd-var, ufs
sda5    bsd-root, ufs
sda6    bsd-src, ufs
sda7    bsd-ports, ufs
sda8    bsd-distfiles, ufs
sda9    bsd-alt, ufs

sdg, sdi btrfs pool, whole disk, mirror

OCZ Vector 180, 480 GB

sdb1    windows, ntfs
sdb2    windows-diag, ntfs
sdb3    Microsoft reserved partition, -
sdb4    gentoo-main, btrfs
sdb5    bsd-main, ufs
-       free space (provisioning)

Samsung EVO, 120 GB

sdc1    slog, zfs
sdc2    l2arc, zfs

WD Velociraptor, 1000 GB

sdd, sdf  zfs pool, whole disk, mirror (zpool actually created 2 partitions on
each disk, numbered 1 and 9, don't know why it did that)

Toshiba, 3001 GB

sde, sdh  btrfs pool, whole disk, mirror

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