[Bug 206478] Setting laggproto fails on 10.2 (SIOCSLAGG: Protocol not supported)

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Thu Feb 4 11:40:05 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Pushkar Kothavade <pushkarbk at gmail.com> ---
Hi  Marcelo Araujo,

As per your patch, 'laggproto none' is not a valid configuration option.
But as per the 'lagg' man page, laggproto none is a valid configuration option. 

As per my understanding, when user applies 'ifconfig lagg0 laggproto none'
command, it should result in success and should set laggproto to 'none'.

By the way, you have proposed a fix for HOL, can we track it as a separate bug

Pushkar Kothavade.

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