[Bug 209099] ata2: already running! panic: bad link elm 0xfffff80003b7e6a0 prev->next != elm

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Sat Apr 30 16:24:51 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Greg Furstenwerth <furstenwerth at gmail.com> ---
Two interesting notes,

1: Installing on USB Thumb drive uses da not ata. No panic on the hardware. I
believe I will run like this for now. I still retain copies of FreeBSD 10.0,
10.3 and 11-CURRENT on disk drives for testing purposes.

2: The same behavior is exhibited on my dual socket westmere, setting the bios
to IDE instead of AHCI. I should have noted it was more modern hardware that I
saw it on in the initial report. Thinking of this makes me think its possibly a
broader problem with  ata and salt.

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