[Bug 208267] if_sfxge unstable causes panic at ifconfig sfxge0 up

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Sat Apr 30 06:36:13 UTC 2016


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A commit references this bug:

Author: arybchik
Date: Sat Apr 30 06:35:20 UTC 2016
New revision: 298836
URL: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/298836

  MFC r298735

  sfxge(4): do not use RxQ index as label

  Labels are limitted by 32 on EF10. It is not sufficient on powerful hosts.
  Since only one RxQ is running over each EvQ, zero label may be used.

  Reviewed by:    gnn
  Sponsored by:   Solarflare Communications, Inc.
  PR:             208267
  Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D6121

_U  stable/10/

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