[Bug 208140] panic: page fault in pf

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--- Comment #4 from Kristof Provost <kp at freebsd.org> ---
Could you show the contents of (*state)->key[PF_SK_WIRE (0)] and
(*state)->key[PF_SK_STACK (1)] at the time of the panic?

I'm more interested in the state of the pf_state, because the pf_desc is
allocated on the stack in the calling function. It's very unlikely to be a bad
pointer here.

My current hypothesis is that you're unlucky enough to have one core in
pf_test_state_udp() trying to use state->key[] while another core is in

The locking there is rather complicated, so before I dig into that it'd be nice
to confirm that one of the PF_SK_WIRE or PF_SK_STACK keys is NULL. (I'd expect
PF_SK_STACK to be NULL, in fact.)

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