[Bug 206448] ZFS hang/stall when drives in ATA mode

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--- Comment #2 from Richard Palusaar <freebsd at sublogic.se> ---
I have a similar issue on a PowerEdge 400SC.

For me the issue is on 10.3-RELEASE i386 and gives me:

GEOM_MIRROR: cancelling unmapped because of ada0p2
  GEOM_MIRROR: cancelling unmapped because of ada1p2
  GEOM_MIRROR: Device mirror/swap launched (2/2)

This results in a kernel panic and boot failure.

For me the resolution is to either disable SWAP in fstab or to boot with ACPI

If I boot with SWAP disabled then once booted I can re-enable SWAP and all
works fine till the next boot.

Just my 5 cents on the topic.

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