[Bug 208653] PCN driver will not handle all PC net pro cards

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Wed Apr 20 16:57:10 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Mats <mats42 at home.se> ---
Brown paper bag in head-size ordered :)

I must have done something wrong yesterday then i tested ifconfig pcn0 media
100baseTX -mediaopt full-duplex because it worked today.

Big thanks to you Sean Bruno for the help. 
I'm very happy right now to get the card working. I do live far out on the
countryside. My internet connection is DSL over arial wires so I do have some
lightning problems. By Connecting my DSL modem to a fibre connector and then a
Fibre cable to the now WORKING card I got a very effective protection. Sure, I
may still loose the modem and the converter but I can buy that second hand for
about $30. Thats a lot better than loosing a $2000 computer.

PS. Sorry for reporting a non bug. Ds

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