[Bug 208597] nfe, MCP79: up-down pingpong at boot time, but no dhcp

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Mon Apr 11 04:31:03 UTC 2016


--- Comment #7 from Pyun YongHyeon <yongari at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Harri from comment #6)
Did you install source code for kernel?
If the answer is YES, you don't need to use svnlite to fetch kernel sources.
If the answer is NO, you may have two options.
1. Install kernel sources from install media.
2. Use svnlite to fetch kernel sources(You don't need to install full-featured
svn to get kernel sources).
   For svnlite, use the following repository.
   #cd /usr
   #svnlite co https://svn.FreeBSD.org/base/release/10.3.0 src

After getting kernel sources do the following.
   #cd /usr/src
   #patch -p0 < /path-to-diff/nfe.link.diff
   # rebuild kernel and reboot

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