[Bug 207940] [patch] sys/boot/efi/boot1 select boot partition

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Mon Apr 11 02:07:07 UTC 2016


--- Comment #12 from Naomichi Nonaka <nao at enuenu.org> ---
(In reply to Masachika ISHIZUKA from comment #11)

Mr. ISHIZAKI, Thanks for testing.

I tried, but in my PC, both 10.3-boot1.efi and my rev2 boot1.efi in internal
drive can boot to internal drive only.

If you want to boot from external drive, you can choose external drive in 
"UEFI boot drive selection" menu.

It is helpful for me if you could show details such as
 1. your external drive is MBR partition or GPT partition.
 2. what partitions are shown in rev2 patched boot1.efi.
  2a you can't see external drive in boot1.efi's partition list. or
  2b you see external drive in list, select it, but booted from internal
 3 your external drive is connected via USB or eSATA.


Naomichi Nonaka

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