[Bug 205903] x11/nvidia-driver-340: Repeating crash with nvidia-driver: "fault on nofault entry"

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Thu Apr 7 17:30:03 UTC 2016


--- Comment #7 from Michael Danilov <mike.d.ft402 at gmail.com> ---
Not 100% reliable, but try causing an OOM while running (or shortly after
having closed) something using GL.

In my case the trigger is closing a GL program and having killed an instance of
browser for allocating all memory and swap then hanging.

Most backtraces contain "in rm_free_unused_clients () from
/boot/modules/nvidia.ko", a vague hint this happens when something is removed
by the blob.

The crash on startx was a separate (but maybe related) problem, which I have
experienced, too. This patch seemed to mitigate it:
Now it seems to have gone on its own without any patches.

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