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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o amd64/186694 amd64      samba not work in domain
o amd64/186291 amd64      Compilation fail when "device pst" in kernel config on
o amd64/186114 amd64      MPD5.7 umtxn
o amd64/186051 amd64      FreeBSD 8.4+, 9.x+, 10.0 guest panic with VMWare Serve
o amd64/186038 amd64      FreeBSD 10/AMD64 panics on HP Proliant Microserver
o amd64/185930 amd64      system freeze after kldload vmm.ko
o amd64/185823 amd64      Checksum Error of base.txz during install
o amd64/185623 amd64      [install] freebsd 10.0-RC5 fresh install does not boot
o amd64/185003 amd64      Random kernel panics
o amd64/184966 amd64      buildworld fail
o amd64/184718 amd64      HP MicroServer N40L, WOL packet doesn't wake up the co
o amd64/184687 amd64      Mate freeze on "change password" option
o amd64/184615 amd64      mate-file-manager-open-terminal fails to install
o amd64/183823 amd64      error when system start
o amd64/183789 amd64      Upgrading to FreeBSD-10.0-BETA3 Breaks Portmaster DB
o amd64/183242 amd64      don't install pcBSD on  GA-MA78GM-S2H (rev. 1.0) 2gb
o amd64/182686 amd64      bios lost HDD after installing freebsd-9.x
o amd64/181358 amd64      Suspend to RAM not working correctly on Lenovo X121e (
o amd64/181357 amd64      LCD Brightness Control not working on Lenovo X121e (AC
o amd64/181285 amd64      x11/xorg does not start if Nvidia Optimus is enabled o
o amd64/181282 amd64      3h of work on battery on FreeBSD while 10h on Windows
o amd64/180862 amd64      [install] Installing FreeBSD 9.1 (AMD64 DVD) and then 
o amd64/180562 amd64      amdtemp and ACPI not working with motherboard ASUS M5A
o amd64/180018 amd64      [panic] System panics when bsnmpd is started
o amd64/179556 amd64      FreeBSD 9-1 amd64 - Install freeze on HP Proliant DL58
o amd64/179376 amd64      xhci ehci irq storm
o amd64/179288 amd64      unable to install on HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 with 128G
o amd64/179282 amd64      [PATCH] Intel SMAP for FreeBSD-CURRENT
o amd64/179038 amd64      instant reboot doesnt even try too install
o amd64/178792 amd64      -march=native fails with clang on certain CPU's
o amd64/178357 amd64      [patch] export CPU physical and virtual address sizes 
o amd64/176835 amd64      Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o amd64/176474 amd64      kernel panic
o amd64/175725 amd64      Audio through USB has not as good hi quality as it has
o amd64/175655 amd64      When enabled tty console OS hang during boot
o amd64/175370 amd64      kernel panic the rebuild kernel with vimage options in
o amd64/175282 amd64      Freebsd 9.1 release amd64, mb Intel D525MW, not worked
o amd64/175129 amd64      laptop won't suspend on lid close
o amd64/174679 amd64      Intel i5 laptop overheats and shuts down [regression]
o amd64/173869 amd64      buildworld breaks with clang
o amd64/173680 amd64      9.1rc3 installer hangs at "rootpass"
o amd64/173502 amd64      Patch inhibition of warnings that appear in the combin
o amd64/173465 amd64      FreeBSD 9.1 restarts in random fashion after upgrade t
o amd64/173311 amd64      FreeBSD 9.1 RC2 , 12 servers restart in random fashion
o amd64/173235 amd64      Have received two crashes within 1 day after installin
o amd64/172926 amd64      [boot] booting hangs after 9.1-RC2 install in 2nd (MBR
o amd64/171835 amd64      bsdinstall abort on Dell PowerEdge R420 with PERC H310
o amd64/171814 amd64      [panic] bioq_init or bioq_remove (unsure which)
o amd64/171701 amd64      [install] 9.0-rel amd64 installer 'guided' or 'manual'
o amd64/171250 amd64      ldd32 cannot find some i386 libraries
o amd64/170487 amd64      [boot] Thinkpad X61s cannot boot 9.1-BETA1
o amd64/170351 amd64      [kernel] [patch] amd64: 64-bit process can't always ge
o amd64/170115 amd64      Serial boot broken in 9.0
o amd64/168659 amd64      [boot] FreeBSD 9 - Crash upon booting off install CD (
o amd64/167582 amd64      Compile of MySQL NDB Cluster Fails 8.2 AMD64
o amd64/167543 amd64      [kernel] Install FreeBSD can show error message with c
o amd64/167393 amd64      [boot] MacBook4,1 hangs on SMP boot
o amd64/166639 amd64      [boot] Syscons issue Intel D2700
o amd64/166229 amd64      [boot] Unable to install FreeBSD 9 on Acer Extensa 522
o amd64/165850 amd64      [build] 8.3-RC1 (amd64): world doesn't build with CPUT
o amd64/165845 amd64      [build] Unable to build kernel on 8.2-STABLE
o amd64/165351 amd64      [boot] Error while installing or booting the freeBSD O
o amd64/164773 amd64      [boot] 9.0 amd64 fails to boot on HP DL145 G3 [regress
o amd64/164643 amd64      Kernel Panic at 9.0-RELEASE
o amd64/164619 amd64      when logged in as root the user and group applications
o amd64/164457 amd64      [install] Can't install FreeBSD 9.0 (amd64) on HP Blad
o amd64/164301 amd64      [install] 9.0 - Can't install, no DHCP lease
o amd64/164136 amd64      after fresh install 8.1 release or 8.2 release the har
o amd64/164116 amd64      [boot] FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE installations mediums fails
o amd64/164089 amd64      FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img does not boot
o amd64/164073 amd64      /etc/rc warning after booting
o amd64/164036 amd64      [keyboard] Moused fails on 9_0_RELENG
o amd64/163736 amd64      Freebsd 8.2 with MPD5 and about 100 PPPoE clients pani
o amd64/163710 amd64      setjump in  causes stack corruption
o amd64/163625 amd64      Install problems of RC3 amd64 on ASRock N68 GE3 UCC
o amd64/163568 amd64      hard drive naming
o amd64/163285 amd64      when installing gnome2-lite not all dependent packages
o amd64/163284 amd64      print manager failed to install correctly
o amd64/163114 amd64      no boot on Via Nanao netbook Samsung NC20
o amd64/163092 amd64      FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 fails to boot from raid-z2 if AHCI is 
o amd64/163048 amd64      normal user cant mount ntfs-3g
o amd64/162936 amd64      fails boot and destabilizes other OSes on FreeBSD 9 RC
o amd64/162489 amd64      After some time X blanks the screen and does not respo
o amd64/162314 amd64      not able to install FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1 as 
o amd64/162170 amd64      Unable to install due to freeze at "run_interrupt_driv
o amd64/161974 amd64      FreeBSD 9 new installer installs succesful, renders ma
o kern/160833  amd64      Keyboard USB doesn't work
o amd64/157386 amd64      [powerd] Enabling powerd(8) with default settings on I
o amd64/156106 amd64      [boot] boot0 fails to start
o amd64/155135 amd64      [boot] Does Not Boot On a Very Standard Hardware
o amd64/154957 amd64      [boot] Install boot CD won't boot up - keeps rebooting
o amd64/154629 amd64      [panic] Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while i
o amd64/153935 amd64      [hang] system hangs while trying to do 'shutdown -h no
o amd64/153831 amd64      [boot] CD bootloader won't on Tyan s2912G2nr
o amd64/153496 amd64      [hyper-v] [install] Install on Hyper-V leaves corrupt 
o amd64/153372 amd64      [panic] kernel panic
o amd64/153175 amd64      [amd64] Kernel Panic on only FreeBSD 8 amd64
o amd64/152874 amd64      [install] 8.1 install fails where 7.3 works due to lac
o amd64/152430 amd64      [boot] HP ProLiant Microserver n36l cannot boot into i
o amd64/145991 amd64      [NOTES] [patch] Add a requires line to /sys/amd64/conf
o amd64/144405 amd64      [build] [patch] include /usr/obj/lib32 in cleanworld t
s amd64/143173 amd64      [ata] Promise FastTrack TX4 + SATA DVD, installer can'
p amd64/141413 amd64      [hang] Tyan 2881 m3289 SMDC freeze
o amd64/137942 amd64      [pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-delu
o amd64/115194 amd64      LCD screen remains blank after Dell XPS M1210 lid is c

105 problems total.

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