amd64/175282: Freebsd 9.1 release amd64, mb Intel D525MW, not worked onboard ethernet.

zstepashka focal at
Mon Feb 4 00:34:32 UTC 2013

I experimented with memstick. After boot from memstick and setting IP adress,
network not work. Start tcpdump and start ping from another computer.
Tcpdump look incoming packet and echo reply. But reply packets physically
not send, another computer does not see them.

Then, mount memstick in -rw mode, and edit rc.conf 
ifconfig_re0="inet netmask -rxcsum -txcsum"
Booted from the stick again. Check ping - it working!  But not for long.
ifconfig re0 down, ifconfig re0 up -  network  packets not pass. Tcpdump
sees nothing. After reboot, work again. 
I really hope to help developers.

Sorry for bad inglish, please.

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