amd64/185290: Dtrace does not work on -stable/10

John-Mark Gurney jmg at
Mon Dec 30 17:30:01 UTC 2013

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From: John-Mark Gurney <jmg at>
To: Robert David <robert.david.public at>
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Subject: Re: amd64/185290: Dtrace does not work on -stable/10
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 09:28:49 -0800

 Robert David wrote this message on Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 12:00 +0000:
 > >Description:
 > All simple dtrace oneliners I tryed has the same output:
 > root at notebook ~ # dtrace -n 'syscall:::entry { @num[execname] = count(); }'
 > dtrace: invalid probe specifier syscall:::entry { @num[execname] = count(); }: "/usr/lib/dtrace/io.d", line 43: operator -> cannot be applied to a forward declaration: no struct devstat definition is available
 Did you do a:
 kldload dtraceall
 on the system?  Just dtrace.ko isn't enough to have dtrace work..  What
 does dtrace -l say?  If you just have dtrace.ko loaded, you'll see
 something like:
 # dtrace -l
    ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
     1     dtrace                                                     BEGIN
     2     dtrace                                                     END
     3     dtrace                                                     ERROR
 if you have dtraceall.ko loaded, you should see many pages of lines..
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