amd64/181358: Suspend to RAM not working correctly on Lenovo X121e (ACPI issue?)

Matthias Petermann matthias at
Sat Aug 24 21:40:16 UTC 2013


regarding the issue mentioned in the subject (Lenovo Thinkpad X121e not 
able to resume after suspend to ram) there is finally some progress. I 
found this few months old discussion[1] on freebsd-acpi (related to 
Thinkpad X201):

"I had a similar problem. After syncing with FreeBSD 10-CURRENT and 
compiling a kernel without
VESA support, I was able to get graphics to work on resume, but only 
when running X. "

This works for the X121e too! It is now able to suspend and resume 
properly when running Xorg (with i915kms.ko). I'm really happy :-)

There is only a (very minor) problem: after the first resume Xorg 
graphics seem to slow down. When moving windows on the screen they leave 
some traces behind and it takes some milliseconds until they are wiped 
away and replaced with the background image.

Kind regards,


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