amd64/171250: ldd32 cannot find some i386 libraries

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Sep 4 19:12:55 UTC 2012

>  On the other hand, I do not know what to do with non-default pathes,
>  that is /usr/local/lib in your case. Please note that some library can
>  be find there for many reasons, and I cannot imagine a sane way to
>  translate to 32bit compat path without involving some additional config.

Doug Ambrisko has patches to do this that I think are close to reasonable.
I believe his current patches allow you to use commands to ldconfig (or
lines in libmap.conf) to map specific directories in RPATH to alternate
directories.  His specific use case is supporting binaries from older
OS versions (so having an alternate /usr/local/lib for 6.x binaries for
example), but it should solve the 32-bit problem equally well.

John Baldwin

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