amd64/162169: bootloader install problem in VirtualBox, MacOS X 10.6

Al Thompson alm4x1mu5 at
Sun Oct 30 15:10:18 UTC 2011

>Number:         162169
>Category:       amd64
>Synopsis:       bootloader install problem in VirtualBox, MacOS X 10.6
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    freebsd-amd64
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Oct 30 15:10:12 UTC 2011
>Originator:     Al Thompson
>Release:        9.0-RC1
Darwin Al-Thompson_MacBook-Pro.local 10.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0: Tue Jun  7 16:32:41 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

I attempted an install of the OS from media:


in a virtual machine instance using VirtualBox 4.1.4 on Mac OS X 10.6 running on MacBook Pro.

The installer pretty much fails out of the gate. Here is the output:


ACPI Exception: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, Unable to install System Control Interrupt Handler (20110527/evevent-137)
acpi0: Could not enable ACPI: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS
device_attach: acpi0 attach returned 6

Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
cpuid = 0; apic id = 00
fault virtual address   = 0x70
fault code              = supervisor write data, page not present
instruction pointer     = 0x20:0xffffffff80b05e29
stack pointer           = 0x28:0xffffffff813d9bc0
frame pointer           = 0x28:0xffffffff813d9c00
code segment            = base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
                        = DPL 0, pres 1, long 1, def32 0, gran 1
processor eflags        = interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL = 0
current process         = 0 (swapper)
trap number             = 12
panic: page fault
cpuid = 0
Uptime = 1s
Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort


I will investigate whether boot screen ACPI options provide a good workaround.
a. Install VirtualBox
b. Create a VM instance. I used 60 G dynamic disk and 1 G ram.
c. Boot from ISO file FreeBSD-9.0-RC1-amd64-bootonly.iso
d. Press ENTER at boot screen, proceed with default install


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